Wednesday, 23 June 2010

12 Reasons Why

Dear Pinky.

Listen to this man ramble.

  1. ... because the trust is not there.  At times i wonder if it is a case of giving the dog a bad name and hang him.
  2. ... because if i have to re-direct the falling pebbles, then might as well i go to a place where it is raining bricks.
  3. ... because, even after rebonding, the curls will return.
  4. ... because, even after the very expensive perm, the curls will be straightened again.
  5. ... because right after the wound healed, it started bleeding again.
  6. ... because your mask is slowly but surely slipping off.
  7. ... because my mask was never there.
  8. ... because your make up has melted.
  9. ... because i shot at a pigeon and a crow was (supposedly) injured.  I am very sure the crow was faking it, too.
  10. ... because the sequencing was right from the first day i tried to figure it out.
  11. ... because, at the end of the day, i am still the cucumber, you are still durian.
  12. ... because i forgot how to draw a line across the page.

Hush.  Shut up.  See?  Others in your circle are catching spiders.  Catch your own spiderlah!  Then you can have your own spider fight.