Sunday, 18 July 2010

In Post

Took me a long time to blog this. 10 July 2010. That was number 4 for the series. And, for record purposes, the years read - 1993, 1995, 2004 and 2010. In all, that was number 37 since 1992. So what now? Target the 40 or 50 mark? I guess not. Perhaps, if it is meant to be, so let it be. No more targeting like I used to.

Yes, we have crowned new kings. I was happy. No, not because of the half-witch-half-whitelighter analogy. It was more of seeing the standards of the teams rise. This is an achievement. New crowned kings. New crowned percussionists. New crowned artistic performance. Level of creativity is at all times high. Kudos to the opera song and singing. Kudos to the use of props among the chorus. Truly impressed with the visual impact on the race. You guys have grown since I first saw you eons ago. No, not impressed with the clownings from the beginning of performance, though. Some of the words were serious. Dead serious. Let's hope somebody sheds a light on them.

I waited and waited. Winners of the other individual awards remain more or less the same. It is a pity. Some of the potential/past winners of the lesser-known competitions are actually capable of clinching it in their respective fields. Soon. Let's hope they have a "soon" in their agendas.

It must be the age. Must be the approaching 40 factor. It started off with pity. Their predecessors forbade them from using the school name. Reason? They (predecessors) worked their socks off to raise the name. Then one of them approached me to be their guide. I rejected on only 1 ground. They were from a rival school. Another team guided them. I hated the concept of girls-must-turn-boys-in-a-boys'-game. I thought it was ridiculous. I can't imagine boys-turning-girls-in-a-girls'-game. I started not liking them. And then, I got interested in them. And then I fell in love with them. Weird. Never hate in excess. It might turn to love. Never love in excess. You might end up hating them. Their predecessors have now vanished.

Let's talk sentiment. I was approached to pen for certain people. Yes, I had wanted so much to get paid. Who doesn't? But I must not fool myself. I must not let the art down. They wanted it so much they started believing their own lies. And only a fraction of those 'liars' had their lies turned to reality.

Brothers in my era were unanimous in our views. Yes, the newly crowned kings deserve their throne. They were good. Our current bunch of brothers need to take a few steps back. Phoenix Bangkit - that 1995 generation. Once upon a time took to the stage with an unfulfilled quorum. And then they rose. Higher than we (the Founders) could ever imagine. The other generations just need to follow the track. It is okay to fail. It is not okay to turn failures. It is okay to take a few steps backwards. The space will give momentum to take a bigger leap. It is okay to go down a notch or two. The jump would be higher. It is alright to fall. Remember to jump higher than from where you fell.

Huh? This entry is on World Cup 2010. Where were you?